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5554 South Peek Road

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Texas Gifts

Texas Gifts


We carry a wide variety of seasonal gifts and offerings, including greeting cards and frames and Texas themed gifts right in store.

We carry an assortment of greeting cards from birthdays, anniversary, encouragement, sympathy, to many more. We also offer beautiful 3D Lovepop greeting cards. Whether you need to pleasantly surprise a friend or a colleague, walk right in and pick your favorite.

We also carry a wide variety of Texas themed gift items. We carry frames and magnetssalt and pepper racks and key holderstrinkets and jewellery, and a wide range of Texas style crosses. We even carry spice rubs and hot sauces besides glassware and measuring spoons and cups. Maybe you need to get a refreshing snack or drink. You can get it all at Grand Lakes Postal.

We also offer a large inventory of pet magnets, decals, stickers, car charms, yard signs, wall signs as well as beautiful wall frames, lamps and other decorative items. If you are travelling out of state or sending a friend a momento or wondering what you can help you bring joy to your hosts, what better than a larger-than-life Texan gift.

If festive and seasonal is on your mind, then come right in. We carry seasonal greeting cards, fancy packaging and gift items to help take care of your personal and corporate gift list.

What’s even more exciting is that we are constantly adding new items to our inventory!

Come in at Grand Lakes Postal at the corner of Peek Rd & Fry Rd and get your favorites today!

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