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Pack & Ship

Pack & Ship


Whether you need just a simple envelope or if you need a speciality item packed and mailed, we are the packing and mailing specialists for all your business demands.

Are you looking for manila envelopes, padded envelopes, plain or colored ones? Maybe something thick, or something water resistant? Business or legal size? How about fancy holiday style envelopes? No matter what you need, you are bound to find the right solution at Grand Lakes Postal.

Our inventory contains many different sizes of durable packing boxes and packaging material like bubble wrap, peanuts or paper as well as various types of packing and shipping tapes. Whatever you need shipped or however fragile it is we can take care of all your packing as well as shipping needs inhouse.

Whether you are shipping within Houston, domestic or internationally, we offer a wide range of options and competitive pricing for you to choose from:

United States Postal Service (USPS)

We carry Forever Stamps, Books and Rolls of stamps as well as postcard stamps, nonmachinable and seasonal and speciality stamps like holidays stamps and weddings. Get in touch with us if you need any other specialized item and we will try our best to help you.

We all offer shipping via USPS using USPS Parcel Service, Media mail and USPS Priority mails. We provide options for certified mail too. We print the label in store and we can collect the mail for you with the assurance that our local mailman picks from us every evening.


We are proud to be associated with FedEx and we offer FedEx Express, FedEx Ground as well as FedEx Home shipping. We can offer you different options based on your requirements. We even offer FedEx Overnight services.

Feel free to drop off your pre-labelled FedEx packages and envelopes with us.


We have partnered with DHL to provide viable International shipping options to our patrons. We offer DHL Express and DHL parcel services in-store.


We can help you ship envelopes and packages using UPS services as well.

Please also feel free to drop off your UPS packages with us.

Contact us for your all your postal and related services.

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