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5554 South Peek Road

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Rental Mailbox

Rental Mailbox


We understand the importance of keeping your business and personal life apart. When you have a separate mailbox for your small business, it not only makes you look more professional as well as allows you to have a street address and receive mail and packages from all carriers during business hours. In short, it helps you manage your time more effectively.

At Grand Lakes Postal we have been offering mailbox rentals to our patrons for as long as we can remember and now we are extremely excited to announce that we have just added 60 new mailboxes in store!

At Grand Lakes Postal,  we make it our business to help you run your business successfully and smoothly to the best of our abilities.

Life as an entrepreneur is not easy. We understand that it can be a bit of a challenge to check your mailbox everyday. Thus, for a nominal fee, we are now offering digital mail forwarding. Simply put, when you receive any mail, we scan the front of the mail item and send you a notification email. We can even scan the content of your mail and email it to you, when requested. We even offer mail or parcel forwarding.

Currently, we are working on offering 24×7 access to your mailboxes so you no longer have to look at your clock when accessing your personal mail. Come when you can!

If you live in or around Katy,TX or Cinco Ranch, TX, come in today and experience the Grand Lakes Postal way!

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